Chi McBride plays Principal Steven Harper.  He is an intense, caring, tough, fair, passionate principal.  He is the center of the show and is involved in just about every plotline that runs through the program.  He runs a tight ship at the school and is unflappable.  Hated by parents and faced with a superintendent that wants him fired, only his devoted staff keep him sane and back his decisions at every turn.  

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Takeyourhead off!    

Do You want a WAR?    A Foot?     We serve the masses

A danger to yourself Good teachers hard to find

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Don't lie, trust me I'm just a principal

Don't cover it up

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A bad day for Principal Harper

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The bad news continues


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Out for Justice


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You want a war?


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The B.M.O.C.


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All in a day's work

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It never ends

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Paper work is endless too

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Am I doing the right thing?

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Test Your Steven Harper Knowledge: 
1.  How did actor Chi McBride get the name "Chi"?

2.  Who played the student that Harper slammed against the lockers?


Chi Filmography:
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 Chi McBride was born in Chicago, Illinois, perhaps giving him the name "Chi" which is short for Chicago.  He was as worked for a telemarketer before taking on the big and small screen.  He has worked in several films and appeared in a few t.v. series in both a recurring role and as a cameo.  He has played several comedy roles, making this series quite a change from earlier experiences.  He has appeared in one of my favorite sit-coms "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".  He has also made an appearance in "Married With Children".  For more information on his movie and television appearances, see below.

Chi McBride's Major film and T.V. appearances    Our thanks to the Internet Movie Data Base for the film info!

Chi McBride in brief appearances

  1. "God, the Devil and Bob" (2000) (voice) (episode # 1.2) 3/14/2000
  2. "Parkers, The" (1999) playing "Cliff Rogers" in episode: "Betting on Love" (episode # 1.10) 11/15/1999
  3. "Married... with Children" (1987) playing "Dexter" in episode: "Nooner or Later" (episode # 8.21) 4/10/1994
  4. "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The" (1990) playing "Ed Barker" in episode: "Boyz in the Woods" (episode # 3.8) 11/5/1992


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Our thoughts on Principal Harper:
     TIM'S Thoughts:

Principal Harper is one of my favorite characters.  I like his directness and ability to deal with several crisis at once.  He doesn't take any nonsense from students or staff and always sticks to his word.  He seems to me to be the kind of guy you can count on to be a loyal friend and boss in any situation.  He appears strong and untouchable most of the time, but shows his human side to the viewers in the confines of the office.  He is the backbone of the show.

JEN'S Thoughts:

I think that Steven Harper is a principal whose head is in the main office and whose heart is still in the classroom, exactly the sort of superior his staff wants and needs.   He isn't afraid to go to bat for them, but neither does he have a problem with telling them when they are out of line. The students, too, are fortunate in having Steven as their principal.  He is genuinely concerned about each one, not just as far as the quality of their education goes but also the quality of their lives.  Instead of choosing to be the sort of principal who adheres strictly to the handbook when dealing with the students and looking only at the 'what' of their misbehavior, he makes the time to look into their situations and discover the 'why' of it.


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